European way of living

Is there an european way of living? In countries like Sweden and Denmark the restaurant business has completely exploded. It ’s become a natural part of everyday life to meet up after work for a glass or a snack – as is common in countries such as England, France and Italy.

The increased travelling and europeans historical background of being inspired by other cultures is a clear contributing factor. The fact that we share cultural expressions of other countries through social media and streaming services create unprecedented common frame of reference. We can share our thoughts on the latest episode of Handmaids tale or Game of thrones with our friends abroad, at the moment it is released. We share images of our new interior, garments or books in blogs or social media  – getting us insights in everyday life.

The pace of society has changed, especially among young people, they travel more, live in different places and countries and are generally more flexible.

Nevertheless, most of us have encountered cultural clashes while on the move. Arriving too early or too late at a party, giving too much or too little tip.

A good advice is to always be respectful and read up on your destination!

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